30th Indiana At Rest

30th Indiana At Rest is an attempt to locate, photograph and document the final resting places of the soldiers of the 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry.  The 30th was active from 24 September 1861 to 25 November 1865 and was based at Camp Allen in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

I unknowingly started this project in 2005 while in a cemetery doing genealogy research when I took a couple of pictures of gravestones of members of the 30th Indiana because my son was a member with the 30th Indiana Civil War Re-enactors.  As of 28 July 2007, I have located about 225 burial location and photographed about 100 grave markers in Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, and Illinois.

I am creating a database to display the photos and will post them when I complete that work.  If anyone happens to visit this site and knows the burial location of a 30th Indiana soldier, please email me at brad@30thIndianaAtRest.com.

Listing of stone photos I have taken:

Adams, John E.
Badiac, Joseph
Bass, Sion S.
Beard, William H.H.
Bell, Robert
Bentley, George W.
Billman, Israel E.
Bossicher, Christian
Bowman, Michael
Brouse, Curtis
Brown, William
Bryant, Joseph
Buck, Enoch W.
Butt, Elias
Carney, James R.
Coats, Elijah F.
Coe, Harrison E.
Cole, William S.
Coon, Francis A.
Crooks, Mathew
Culberson, Zepheniah B.
Dawson, George W.
Dawson, John
Delong, Charles
Delong, Ebenezer
Dolan, James
Dolan, Patrick
Drummond, Samuel M.
Evey, Oliver P.
Fisher, James H.
Fisher, Jasper
Fisk, Washington
Fitzgerald, Edward E.
Ford, William C.
Foster, Lewis
Gingerick, Jesse
Givens, Erastus
Gunnett, Andrew
Habecker, Daniel
Harper, John
Hart, Joseph
Haynes, John P.
Healey, Henry
Hickok, Henry C.
Hill, William B.
Hornberger, Isaac
Humphreys, John M.
Hurd, Orrin D.
Johnson, Wesley P
Joyner, Richard M.
Kinnison, David
Kline, Washington
Lane, Theodore M.
Larimer, George S.
Lewis, Loyal V.
Lightner, John
Lobdell, John W.
Longly, Joseph
Lutts, William
Marcum, John
Marshall, George
McMahan, Oliver
Moore, Lindley B.
Noble, George S.
Pancake, Isaac
Parks, William F.
Peters, Samuel
Piatt, Isaiah
Razor, Peter
Redman, Levi N.
Rice, Israel
Richard, James
Ruick, Albert L.
Scheuirick, John
Small, Perrington
Smith, John
Stage, De Witt
Stinson, Archibald D.
Swigart, Jacob
Teal, Frank
Tilbury, Marquis
Todd, Martin
Triplett, Alfred W.
Troutner, John
Vantilburg, Conover
Vedder, Francis M.
Williamson, Norris
Winebrenner, Alexander
Wolf, Charles S.
Young, Hugh A.
Zehner, Wilson